Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Meet Tanya Cruse

Learn a little bit about this Mattress Firm team member and what her experiences with recruiting have been.

Tanya graduated from the University of North Texas in 2002 with a degree in Psychology. While working on her degree, she began looking for a job that would give her experience and fulfillment. She came across a Career Builder posting for Mattress Firm and after interviewing for a Manager in Training position in the Dallas market, she became very excited about what Mattress Firm had to offer. She spent the first 6 months as a Manager on Duty, where she traveled to different stores learning how to become a manager. She soon became a manager of the Denton location where she was able to grow as a manager and salesperson. Based on her performance, she was soon promoted to an assistant manager of a medium size store.

As she was finishing her Master's degree she began to get an itch to move out of the Dallas area. After speaking with her Area Manager, he recommended that she try out one of the markets in Florida. Six months later she moved to Tampa, Florida. Her experience in Tampa was very valuable. She was able to begin training and recruiting. She trained new hires, interns, and the people that would be moving to the new markets in Orlando and Miami. She also started attending career fairs, to find people that would like to work for such an energetic company. During her time in Florida, she also discovered how much she enjoyed training and developing the people around her.

During the time she completed her Master's degree in Professional Education, she became homesick for Texas. She made the decision not to pursue a career in education, but to pursue a career at Mattress Firm. She grew to love her job and the people that worked at Mattress Firm, and couldn't imagine leaving such a great company. She chose to transfer to Mattress Firm's headquarters city, Houston, because she felt that she would learn a tremendous amount by being near the corporate headquarters. Shortly after moving to Houston she became an Area Manager. As an Area Manager she ran 4 stores, and her main focus became training and developing her team to become better salespeople, better managers, and grow within the company. She is very excited of all the opportunities that will come with Mattress Firm’s continual growth!

Tanya’s advises job seekers to explore industries they may not otherwise consider:

“I would tell job seekers that although selling mattresses may not be what you envisioned as a career, it can be an amazing career that you will enjoy. In addition, when you go for an interview be confident, show them your personality, and have fun.”

What she looks for in candidates:

“I always look for people that are professional, outgoing, confident, and who seem like they are willing to learn and be successful in their career.”

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