Thursday, March 27, 2014

In the wise words of Ricky Bobby, “I’m not sure what to do with my hands…”
Have you ever finished an interview and felt like you just left an awkward first date? When the questions primarily revolve around your job skills and work history, it can be hard to show your true personality. When interviewing for a job, it can be pretty basic—recruiters and interviewers want to hire people who not only will be a good fit for the job, but also people whom they like!  Working in a little extra personality to your interview can take you far and maybe earn you the right to a second date!
Here are three ways to add your personality to your interview:

Enthusiasm can take you far:  It is easier to coast a car down a hill than to push it uphill.  The same goes for coasting through conversation!  Start with your best smile (this even works for phone interviews!) and a confident tone.  Enthusiasm and positive energy is contagious so by engaging your interviewer with a friendly tone, your interviewer will likely mirror your level of enthusiasm.  Starting conversation on a high note will set you up for an easier ride through the conversation.
But don’t be fake:  Keep in mind that your interviewer is a real person, so sincerity goes a long way.  Go into the interview with your goal being to understand them rather than expecting them to understand you.  This small change in mindset increases your level of curiosity, showing your interviewer that you genuinely care.

Good ol’ Southern hospitality goes a long way:  Show your personality by sending thank you note or email.  Don’t simply thank the interviewer for his or her time, but mention specific parts of the conversation that you enjoyed.  This will show your interviewer that you were highly engaged during the interview!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Funny Resume Blunders
Every morning I open my yahoo homepage before checking my email. Normally, I check out the typical celebrity gossip to keep up with my sister and mother in their E! news review conversations. But today, I came across this ( After a good fifteen minutes of laughter, I decided to share the laughter with you. Hopefully, not only does this put a smile on your face, but helps you realize the importance of spell check when filling out applications and drafting your resume.
Yes, these are based on true stories. Enjoy J
·         Candidate including a letter from his mother as a letter of recommendation. (Impressive)
·         Candidate explained a gap in employment by saying it was because he was getting over the death of his cat for three months. (Just enough time to receive unemployment)
·         Candidate explained an arrest by stating, “We stole a pig, but it was a really small pig.” (Good, glad it wasn’t big)
·         “Consistently tanked as top sales producer for new accounts.” (Should have ranked this achievement low enough to not include it on the resume)
·         “Seeking a party-time position with potential for advancement.” (Only part-time does this person actually party)
·         Job Duties: “Answer phones, file papers, respond to customer e-mails, take odors.” (Maybe they sold scentsy?)
·         Objective: “So one of the main things for me is, as the movie ‘Jerry McGuire’ puts it, ‘Show me the money!’” (Love me some Cuba Gooding Jr.)
·         Work experience: “Responsibilities included checking customers out.” (Sometimes you just can’t help but look)
·         Background: “28 dog years of experience in sales (four human).” (Must be an expert)
·         Application: How large was the department you worked in with your last company? “A: 3 stories.” (Did you take the stairs or climb the ladder?)
·         Experience: “My father is a computer programmer, so I have 15 years of computer experience.” (You are who you know)
·         Resume: “I have a lifetime’s worth of technical expertise (I wasn’t born – my mother simply chose ‘eject child’ from the special menu.” (Unique)
·         Qualifications: “I have guts, drive, ambition and heart, which is probably more than a lot of the drones that you have working for you.” (Skill set: psychic- able to read people without meeting them)
·         “Am a perfectionist and rarely if if ever forget details.” (If only there were more people like you)