Thursday, February 13, 2014

The One

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, as a recruiter, I would love to share some Interview Honey Do’s to help make sure you are “The One” for the position the company is trying to fill.
1)      Do: Research on the Company and the Position: One thing that really works my nerves is when a candidate has no clue about the company or the position that they are interviewing for. Do yourself a favor and research the company this will help you be more successful in your interview. Research things like the company’s history, the requirements of the job, their mission statement or core values, and maybe even visit one of their locations (if applicable). Having a good understanding of the position you are interviewing for will give you a leg up on your competition.
2)      Do: Arrive on Time for the Interview and Dress for Success: There should be no excuse for being late to an interview, unless something disastrous really does happen. Arriving 15 minutes before the interview is scheduled is a good rule of thumb. If something does happen and you will be late, make sure to call the point of contact or interviewer to let them know. Also, make sure to dress the part “Dress for the job you want not for the job you have”.  Make sure to ask the point of contact what the dress is for the interview and do research on what may fit the organization.  Your clothing should fit nicely, should be clean and pressed, keep jewelry and makeup to a minimum and make sure you brush your teeth before the interview (nobody likes stinky breath). These are ways to help you make a good first impression on your future employer.
3)      Do: Watch your body language – Be aware of the message your body language could be sending to the employer. Positive forms of body language are smiling, making eye contact, sitting up straight, and actively listening. Body language to avoid can be slouching, yawning, looking off in the distance, or playing with your pen, these are signs that you are no longer interested or are not paying attention. Positive body language, in a natural style, can help the employer see that you are driven and eager to earn the position.
4)      Do: Speak to what you have done not what you will do – Employers want to hear what you have already done that would help you in this role. For example: instead of just saying “I am really good at sales” tell them what you have done say “Last year I was able to gain 20 new accounts for my company resulting in $XXX amount of new business and I was able to maintain these accounts by.” This will show that you are able to speak to your accomplishments and shows that you can make an impact in the new role.  
5)      Do: Have questions to ask at the end of the interview – if you have no questions this can show that you have not done enough research on the organization. Even if you know every single thing about the company you still need to come up with some questions. This will show you are really interested in the position.  An example of some good questions can be; asking about the interviewer’s story or experience with the company, why they have stayed with the organization so long, or even why did they choose this company.
6)      Do: Go for the close - Ask what the next steps in the process will be and the timeline that they will be getting back to you.

7)      Do: Thank the interviewer – you can do this in person, by email, or even a personal thank you card. This leaves a lasting impression on the employer and can help them remember you.
Best of luck to you in your interview process! I hope these tips help you become “The One” on your next interview! Happy Hunting!