Monday, September 23, 2013

Super Recruiters Have Feelings Too

Hi, my name is Erin and I’m a super recruiter. Everyone say it back now…”Hi, Erin.”
Even though I have super recruiting powers, I’m still human and rejection hurts. Let’s discuss how to let a company down easy.
I recently received a not-so-great email from a dear candidate that had accepted a job with my company and then changed her mind. This candidate had been on my radar for about a year. I met her at a university career fair and we instantly made a connection. She was a perfect fit and could have made a huge impact with Mattress Firm. We maintained a relationship for quite some time, hung out socially and I was even there for her during difficult times between her transition from college to the real world.
One gloomy morning, one week before she was scheduled to start with us, she emailed me with one sentence saying she had taken a job elsewhere. That’s it, one sentence! How could she do that to me after everything we’ve been through? I’m not going to stung.
Here are a few tips to avoid another travesty and not hurt a company’s super powers:
· Pick up the phone-call the employer to let them know you are declining the offer and why-we always value feedback!
· Don’t burn any bridges - leave the door open for the possibility of future employment with the company.
· Suggest any referrals you may know who would be a fit!
I may not be a masked vigilante fighting crime but I am trying to use my super recruiting powers to help those find a career right for them. So remember, even though a company may not be a fit for you, we still have feelings…let us down easy!

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Yo Interviewer, I’m really Happy for you….I’ll let you finish But….
You may remember at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards Taylor Swift received the prestigious award for Best Female Video. In case you live under a rock, I’ll give you the synopsis. Four seconds into Taylor’s speech, Kanye West rudely interrupted by explaining that he was happy for Taylor, and would let her finish, but Beyonce Knowles deserved this award……What!?!
Now, you may question why I’m referencing something so outdated and frankly overly mentioned. Well, Kanye received much deserved negative scrutiny. In our culture, interruption is perceived as disrespectful and inconsiderate for the other party. As an interviewer, I’m interrupted more than you may imagine.
If we know that interrupting is so rude, why do we do it? Especially during something as important as an interview? Although I’m no psychologist, I’ve determined why someone would interrupt through my careful analysis:
1)      Wanting to relate to the interviewer’s topic
2)      Being passionate about the subject being discussed
3)      Not wanting to forget about what you are thinking
4)      Not being aware that one is, in fact, interrupting
5)      Wanting to get a point across
Earlier when I stated that Kanye rudely interrupted Taylor, that was a bit redundant. Interruptions are rude. We have to be more aware of this especially in an interview. An interviewer wants to know that you are passionate and have skill sets that are applicable. We want you to get your point across. You can execute all of these things without interrupting.  Challenge yourself to stay quiet and bring a notebook to mark down what you are thinking so you can express when the time is appropriate.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Be prepared for the preseason!
The most wonderful time of the year is amongst us – football season (even if it is just the preseason). The preseason offers players the opportunity to really shine and potentially earn a full time position in the regular season. Take for example the current battle for the backup quarterback for the Houston Texans – T.J. Yates vs. Case Keenum. Both have really brought their A -  game to the preseason and are letting the fans know that they’re putting up a fight for that coveted spot (although as a fellow University of Houston alum, my vote goes to Case Keenum! – I hope Bob McNair is reading this).
The interview process should be viewed in the same way, as the preseason – this is no time for fumbles or interceptions. This is your shot to be on the roster for your dream employer. One big mistake in the interviewing game is not utilizing proper body language.
Below I have included a list of body language mistakes that could cost you the job.
·         Invading personal space
·         Crossing your arms
·         Playing with your hair
·         Bad posture
·         Lack of eye contact
·         Looking disinterested
·         Not Smiling
·         Fidgeting
·         Hiding your hands
By avoiding these body language mistakes your future coach will know you’re a professional and committed to the team.
Good luck!
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