Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Job Seekers Should Act like Puppies…

That’s right; job seekers should act like puppies. After being out of town and thinking abut my little puppy at home, Lola, I began thinking about how puppies are so lovable. Many job seekers today have been recently laid off, turned away from jobs, and flat out rejected. This type of treatment can make a person feel unloved!

 Puppies have a zest for life and are always willing to learn a new trick… with a little coaching.
So hold your head high and think about your cuddly little friends as a source of inspiration for your job search!

So you might be asking, ‘how will acting like a puppy make me more “loveable” to an employer?’ It’s simple, think about the different characteristics of a puppy:

They are always excited to see you when you get home. After coming home from a business trip, I’m tired and looking to relax. I open my door and, who is there to greet me with a big smile and happiness? Lola. No matter what kind of day I have had I always smile when I see her little face and tail wagging with excitement. I mean, who doesn’t like a welcomed greeting? Now as a job seeker, think about the employer you are interviewing with and how many bad interviews they have sat through. Having someone excited and “wagging their tail” to interview is very refreshing and you can’t help but make them smile.

In today’s job market, it may seem like you have to go on 100 interviews before you finally find the dream job you were looking for or find an employer that likes what you have to offer. It is very easy to give up and walk away with your tail tucked between your legs. I ask you, “Is that what a puppy would do?” When Lola wants to play fetch and I’m not in the mood, do you think that stops her from trying? She will continue to place the toy on me over and over and over again until I play fetch with her. Puppies don’t give up… and neither should you.

Every now and again, Lola will have a little accident in the house which will cause me to be upset, placing her outside or in the kennel until she realizes what she has done is a mistake. Lola will recognize she has made me upset, but she will never hold a grudge! So even if you have made a mistake, which resulted in losing a job or not making it to a second interview, never hold a grudge. Don’t tell potential employers about previous grudges once held either. Learn from your mistakes and get back into the game.

Now you might be reading this blog thinking, ‘how can I be like a puppy, they are so young and full of life and I am not? I have been working for years or I just feel jaded.’ One thing you must never forget, no matter how seasoned a professional you may be, it is extremely important to always feel young and always be willing to learn.

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