Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Importance of Knowing Your Resume

As a recruiter who spends most of her time conducting phone interviews, I cannot stress the importance of being able to recall your resume at the drop of a hat.

I had a phone interview scheduled with a gentleman one afternoon, I called him right on time and the first five to seven minutes of our conversation was spent on hold! He was having trouble pulling up his resume on his computer. The whole time I was waiting (which felt like an eternity) I was sitting there thinking, “Why can he not reference his resume without having it in his hands?"

You resume is your education and work history…its represents your life experiences so you should be able to reference these without necessarily having your resume right in front of you. This is not a pop quiz with a right or wrong answer; we just want to hear about your experiences!

As a good tip to make a good first impression: Know Your Resume!

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