Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Addressing Your Potential New Address

It’s time to make that move to a different city. You begin to apply to all positions that are hiring. Let’s face it; you need a job as soon as you get there. Relocating can be a frustrating process, and many are baffled on how to prepare for the job search. Below is a list of steps you should take to land the job before you get there:

1) Start your research. Begin researching the companies in your city of choice. Contact the Chamber of Commerce to get a list of companies. Go to the library or visit company’s Facebook pages.

2) Personalize your cover letter. Address the fact that you are relocating.

3) Put your new address on your resume (if you have that information.) If you have a friend or family member with whom you plan to stay when you first arrive, use their address. This could take away any concerns employers may have about your relocation. (i.e. paying for your relocation or wait time for you to move to your new city.)

4) Get a Linked IN account. You can join groups in your area, and plan to attend networking events in the area. Target your companies of interest and network with employers.

5) Plan to make visits to the area. Sometimes you have to be there physically. Employers want to know when you’re available to interview face to face. So, consider your travel expenses.

6) Consider looking for a temp agency in the meantime. It’s understandable that you may have limited funds or need to move fast; this process could take awhile.

7) Remember that there is a job out there for you. So stay positive and don’t let your frustration show. Employers love a new hire with a great attitude Good Luck!

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