Monday, April 9, 2012

Multiple Job Offers? No Problem!

If you find yourself in the position of having multiple job offers, congratulations! For many people multiple job offers is great news, especially in a recovering economy. However, for others that do not handle their job offers in a considerate way towards their prospective employers, things can get a little messy. Make sure that you don’t burn any bridges and keep relationships with employers healthy and ethical to ensure a successful job and career.

Below you will find some tips on how to manage multiple job offers:

Ask for extensions if you need them: If you’re a great candidate it is no surprise to employers that you should have multiple offers. Make sure that you tell the employer, who you’ve asked an extension from, how much time you will need. Positions need to be filled as soon as possible so give them an actual date on when you will get back to them. Therefore, you should already know when you should be hearing back from the employer whose offer you are waiting on. This information is vital!

It’s perfectly acceptable to reach out to employers you haven’t heard from: At the end of every interview you should know when to expect to hear back from a prospective employer (either they told you or you asked them during the interview). If you have not heard from them, call them the following day and ask for feedback and the decision they made. Clarity plays a big part in handling multiple job offers.

Weigh your options: If you have the time, review all of your offers. Even if you know there is a certain job that you would prefer, you do not have to accept on the spot. Ask yourself questions that you value in a career. For example: “Where can I advance the most within five years?” “What company will take the time to train me?” “What job would I love going to work to every morning?” If you know what you want in your next career, handling multiple job offers will be a breeze.

Happy job searching!

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  1. I can't wait to juggle all of the job offers that will come rolling in! Thanks for the motivation Edith!

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