Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Career Fairs: How to Succeed & Leave a Lasting Impression


Career fairs offer job seekers the opportunity to meet many employers in a very short time. This encounter typically will determine whether or not you will make it to the first step of the interview process, which could be a phone interview or a face to face interview. To ensure that you will make it to the next step, I have included a list that will help you leave a lasting impression with the employers you meet.

Look the part: A sure way to get noticed is to look sharp! This typically means a dark suit, matching shoes, ironed shirt and a nice tie. In addition, as you approach the employer, don’t forget to smile and give a firm, confident handshake.

Know what employers will attend the career fair and research the ones you like: Knowing what employers are attending helps you maneuver through the career fair and helps you manage your time efficiently. Once you’ve identified the employers you will approach, visit their websites and social media sites to show the employers, through your knowledge, that you are genuinely interested in a position with them.

Have your 30 second commercial ready: Sell yourself! Treat the career fair as a series of very brief interviews and let the employers know about your educational background, relevant experience and any qualifications that you think are important. Practicing your 30 second commercial out loud guarantees that it will be delivered smoothly.

Follow up: Ask the recruiter you met with for their card and follow up within 48 hours. Emails are a great way to follow up because it allows you to thank the recruiter for their time, reiterate your strengths and interest in the company and attach your resume.

Following these steps will really allow you to differentiate yourself from your competition and will leave a lasting impression with the employers you meet.

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  1. Great Advice! Career Fairs are great because all the companies there are looking to hire and grow their work force. By being prepared, giving them a first great impression, can lead to that first step to your next career!