Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wag Your Tail

You want people to like you? Make them feel important. The way you greet them and interact with them each and every time you see them dictates how they will treat you. Let’s take this obvious life lesson and look at it from a dog’s perspective.

Below you will see the picture of the world’s best dog. Yep, hands down… World’s. Best. Dog.

The Best Dog Competition hasn’t become an Olympic Sport yet, but when it does, the dog below would win Gold. If Forbes had a 100 Best Dogs list, this dog would be in the number one spot. If Donald Trump put on the Miss Universe Dog competition, this dog would be crowned and go on to figure out a way to find World Peace. Meet Ms. Lucille Ludens…

For any dog lovers reading this, I anticipate you may engage me in a heated discussion about how my claims are offensive because your dog is actually more qualified for the Gold. To that discussion, I acquiesce… because I know that every dog owner (well, about every dog owner… I have a few friends who aren’t sure they’re “dog people”) thinks their dog is the best in each and every way. And rightfully so.

I think the reason dog owners are so “territorial” over their dogs’ greatness is because their greatness isn’t necessarily award or medal-winning. It isn’t remarkably dignified or USA Today worthy. What makes them so great is their ability to make us feel important.

One of my favorite parts of my day is coming home after a long day at work and running to Lucille’s “office” at the back of the house and opening the door—there is more excitement and energy waiting behind that door than I experience all day. She jumps up and down, spins all around, does a lap around our house and then comes right back to see me. There is no one (that’s right, not even my 4 & 2 year old boys) who show me this much excitement.

Dogs truly have an innate ability with the love and energy they share with us humans. They aren’t afraid to wear their “heart on their sleeve” and don’t hold a grudge against us when we don’t reciprocate the excitement. They know when we are feeling sad and without doubt do what they can to cheer us up. It’s hard not to forgive the occasional accident in the house or the dug up flower bed when they constantly respond with unending love, right?

Imagine if you made people at work feel this way. What if you greeted everyone with a “wagging tail”? What if you could sense when someone was down and you did whatever you could to make them feel better? What if rather than holding a grudge against someone who frustrated you, you immediately forgave them? What if you always made everyone feel important?

So take a lesson from a dog. Wag your tail, jump around, make people feel loved and important… and more often than not, they will likely “throw you a bone”…

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