Thursday, April 10, 2014

Love the company you work for!

Of the four seasons, spring just happens to be my favorite. I love the coolness in the air, the flowers blooming, and all of the newest additions at the local zoo’s (baby gorillas, anyone?)  Since spring puts me in such a great mood, I decided to focus on how much I LOVE my job! We recently returned from our National Leadership Conference that was held in Washington D.C. This is a great opportunity for our company to remind everyone how much passion and excitement you can have while at work.
Loyalty- Does your company offer your loyalty? Do you feel that you are secure in your position and have a future with them? Also in return, are you loyal back? Think to yourself, do I share my story with strangers? Am I proud of where I work?
Open- There should always be open lines of communication in the work place. Hopefully there is a co-worker, manager, or leader that you can communicate with.
Values- Every company has values and a vision. Are the company ethics and vision the same as yours? As an employee, you should share the same values and truly believe in the company.
Engaged- Are you engaged in your job?  Are you excited to go in to work every day? Hopefully you work for a company that is engaging and challenges you on a daily basis.
These are just a few things that I was reminded of this past week! So try and remind yourself, does your job make you feel happy and in love?
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