Thursday, August 14, 2014

Don’t forget to get “wowed!”
It’s easy to get caught up trying to “wow” a future employer that sometimes we can forget that choosing a position and a company really is a mutual selection process.  Future employees have to want the job and the company just as much as the company has to want him or her to join their team.   Details during the selection process can speak volumes about the organization and how you may fit their culture and how they may offer what you’re really looking for.

Think about these details the next time you’re searching for a new professional opportunity…
How does the environment feel?  From the first phone call to the first person to welcome you to the interview, these details are telling of the company culture and environment.  Were the phone calls warm and inviting? If onsite, do the current employees seem to enjoy themselves and their teammates? Is this the type of environment and team I see myself enjoying?
Communication is key.  Was communication as timely and detailed as projected? Was the information consistent across all parties that you communicated with? Do you feel like you have a real understanding of the position and the company?
Are your professional goals attainable? Does this company have a developmental plan to lead you to the role you ultimately want?  Will you be satisfied with your progress in three years or five years? 
Remember, you’re not the only one making a first impression!  Make sure you want the job as much (maybe more!) than you want the company to want you. 
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