Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Mattress Firm Spotlight: Mary Alice Springer!

With today being Administrative Professionals Day, we wanted to take a moment and recognize one of Mattress Firm’s favorite Administrative Professionals - Mary Alice Springer. She is currently an Executive Assistant to MFRM's President and CEO and Chief Business Officer. We sat down and asked Mary Alice some very important questions regarding her time with the organization as well as a few others. Take a look below!

  • How long have you been with Mattress Firm?  
    • I have been with MFRM for 11 years and 3 months.
  • What is your favorite Mattress Firm memory?  
    • Gosh, there are many but the one that stands out the most was when I was invited to the 2010 Houston National Conference at the Hotel Derek.  During the awards night, I was asked by Steve Stagner [former Mattress Firm CEO] to come forward along with Holly Jo Wetzig and Jenny Beam.  He presented to each of us a Tiffany key ring and said that you are the key to our success.  This was truly a very special moment for me.
  • What do you enjoy most about your job?  
    • I so enjoy helping others.  As an assistant, you are required to juggle many tasks but I feel the most important responsibility of my job is to help your customers and co-workers.
  • What did you do before this?  
    • I have always been an administrative/executive assistant.  Prior to moving to Houston 22 years ago, I worked for 7½ years at a management consulting firm in New York City.
  • What would be your walk-in theme song?  
    • Come Hell or High Water by Poison
  • What did you want to be “when you grew up?” 
    • I wanted to be a meteorologist.
  • Do you have a guilty pleasure?  
    • Oh yes and it’s Nestle Drumstick ice cream cones.
  • What is your favorite book? 
    • My favorite book is One Month To Live by Kerry & Chris Shook.  It’s a great book that shows you how to stop waiting for “someday” and start making each day really matter.
  • How do you feel you fulfill our purpose of “improving lives one relationship at a time?”  
    • At work, I feel that I improve lives by simply connecting with others.  I enjoy taking a moment by reaching out to see how you are doing, is there anything I can do for you. On my personal time, I enjoy volunteering at my neighborhood assisted living facility.  It’s an amazing feeling to put a smile on one’s face.
  • What do you think cats dream about?  
    • Hopefully playing with a feather toy and not stalking prey. 

Feel like shooting Mary Alice another random question? Email her at

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