Wednesday, July 27, 2016


The term “playing phone tag” has become a common annoyance for both the recruiter and the applicant. This game of calling each other back and forth can go on for days, and sometimes even weeks. Let’s be honest, no one has time for this game.

Here are some tips for leaving an efficient voicemail to avoid the game of tag.

  • Talk slow and clear – It is important that the person on the other line can clearly understand what you are saying. Take your time and enunciate. A speedy mumbled voice mail will only lead to error and lack of response. Background noise needs to be eliminated as well. If there is too much noise in the message, it is hard to pay attention to the information that is being provided.
  • Leave your full name – Do not assume that you are the only Ashley that is going to call them. Leaving your full name will set you apart and keep you memorable.
  • Name your company/ position they applied for – when applicants are in the market for a job they are applying for multiple companies and positions. Stating the company you work for as well as the position will help jog the applicant’s memory about the specific application.
  • Call for action – Always leave a call back number and the best time for them to reach you. Be specific on your availability and be sure to actually be available!  Let the applicant know the reason for your call because it will help increase your response.
  • Work phone - Use a phone that has a voicemail set up or you will get phone calls all hours of the night and will most likely forget to follow up the next day in the office.

  • Talk slow and clear – It is important that the recruiter can clearly understand what you are saying. Recruiters receive hundreds of phones calls a week. Take your time and enunciate. Remember, you want to be the person chosen for the job. Don’t lose your opportunity because of an unclear voicemail.
  • Phone details - Phone edict is important. Pay attention to the number they left you on the voice mail. It is not always the number they call you on. Phone calls should be returned between 9am and 5pm, unless otherwise stated by the recruiter.
  • Who are you? – Your full name should be given every time. As previously mentioned, recruiters receive many phone calls. Clearly stating your name will allow the recruiter to find your resume and contact you accordingly.  By the way, if it is a difficult name, spell it!
  • Your Position - Stating the position you applied for will help for a quick response from the recruiter. It will save them time trying to search you and find out what position you applied for. Remember, recruiters often hire for multiple jobs at once.
  • A working number - Always leave a working number with a mailbox that is set up and make sure it is NOT FULL. It does not help you if the recruiter can’t reach you or let you know they are trying to. After you have left a number, tell them when the best time to call you back is. Be specific on your available time, it will increase your chance of a quick response.

I hope the following tips will help you get in contact with who you need sooner than later. 

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