Friday, June 17, 2011

Advice for College Graduates

Finding a job right out of college can be a long and stressful process if you are not prepared. With the unemployment rate just over 9%, recent college graduates find themselves in a unique position because they have an immense amount of competition compared to college graduates from previous years. In addition, candidates with more experience are currently willing to take jobs that offer lower salaries which is very appealing to hiring managers.

But don’t worry! If you are prepared and enthusiastic you can score yourself a great job. Below I have listed some tips that will help you land your first job out of college.

1) Get a mentor! This person does not have to be someone with experience in recruiting or in Human Resources. This is a person that is going to help you identify traits, characteristics and strengths that may not be so obvious to you. Even if have had jobs that may not seem to have given you that much experience, a mentor can help you breakdown past jobs and reveal abilities that can be relevant in the job that you are applying for.

2) Use the internet to your advantage: Many people use social media networks like Twitter and Facebook but only a small percentage of job seekers use networks like LinkedIn that actually give them resources, job postings and tips to finding new jobs. and are great websites, but think about it, everyone is using those websites in their job hunt. Get creative when looking for a job and use networks that are not so obvious.

3) Use experience from Collegiate Clubs and Organizations, Fraternities or Sororities: These organizations can provide you with much more than just great memories during college. Don’t forget to list on your resume any responsibilities, charities, negotiations, and positions that you may have been a part of in these organizations.

4) Don’t limit your network: Friends, parents, grandparents and friends are great resources to use during your job search. Referrals are great ways for employers to notice you.

5) Use Career Services at your university: In most cases, career services has good relationships with employers that are very involved with that university. They can tell you of who is hiring and what positions they are looking to fill.

6) Don’t forget the obvious: When you are interviewing make sure that you know your resume like the back of your hand! This will ensure that you tell the interviewer everything they need to know about you and it shows them that you are taking their time seriously. Also, make sure that you are well dressed and polished. Typically, a nice suit will do the trick! Lastly, stay positive! Every interview is a new opportunity so go in with high energy and not with the feel of defeat.

Walking across the stage soon?

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