Thursday, June 23, 2011

Definition of a Sale: The Transfer of Enthusiasm

As someone transferring from a position in sales into to the recruiting world, I have found something that seems to remain consistent in both fields. While I was in sales training, we referred to the definition of a sale as the transfer of enthusiasm. If one expresses a lot of passion and excitement for a product or service to another, it is almost certain that the other person will begin to show interest or grow excitement for the same. So why not use this method in an interview? Energy and positivity can be easily displayed whether your interview is on the phone or face-to-face. Here are some helpful tips on how to transfer your enthusiasm!

• Smile! A smile can be heard over the phone, be welcoming and set a good mood for the environment when face-to-face.

• Show your interest! Do a little research about the product or service and let the interviewer know that you would be excited to be a part of their overall purpose and help reach their company’s goals.

• Be prepared! Don’t wake up two minutes before answering the phone or speed down the highway on your way to the meeting place. Make sure you give yourself enough time to wake up, build some energy and refrain from being boring or monotone.

• Ask questions! The more questions you ask, the more interested you appear.

• Be yourself! There is never a time and place where you should be ashamed of your strengths. This is your time to shine! Let them know why you are great for the position. Sell yourself!

• Build rapport! It never hurts to make a friend! Consumers feel more comfortable buying from a friend than a stranger, so I’m sure the same would work in an interview. If the meeting is in their office, look around and ask about their kids or common theme, who knows you make have something in common! This will help the interviewer remember you and associate you with that topic of conversation outside typical interview questions.

Looking for more enthusisatic tips?

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