Monday, September 26, 2011

Interview Etiquette is Not Dead

I was on a date with my significant other. Although we did combine dinner and a movie at the Studio Movie Grill, we had the traditional romantic date. Upon the arrival to the car, I patiently waited next to my door, anticipating my chivalrous partner would graciously open my door. To my surprise, he laughed at my gesture and joked that “chivalry was dead.” Of course we had a nice laugh, and he eventually came to open my door. However, this is something common with this generation. So many people don’t demonstrate proper etiquette. Maybe it is no longer needed, but I think there are some things in life that should be remain traditional.

The one place that we need to maintain proper etiquette is in interviewing. It’s important that you always shake your interviewer’s hand and make eye contact. Wait until the interviewer sits down before you sit. At the end of the interview, always ask questions. Your last question should always be something to the effect of wanting to know the next step. And last but not least, always follow up with a thank you note.

Hopefully I have saved the existence of interview etiquette. Chivalry maybe dead, but interviewing etiquette isn’t.

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