Thursday, September 8, 2011

Think before you click

As a recent college graduate, I know how difficult it is to find a job during a down economy. It’s common to get flustered and just take any job for no reason other than to just make some money. Something I have noticed as a recruiter is how easy it is for job seekers to quickly jump onto a job-posting website and get “clicker-happy”. You may be confused by the term “clicker- happy”, well what I mean by this self-made term, is how people simply click on any or all of the jobs they may qualify for and apply to it before they know anything about it. Yes, you may have a lot of recruiters contacting you for interviews, but who can remember them all? Another flaw in this quick “clicker-happy” process is the fact that you may be applying to a company that you have no idea of its status, what the position actually entails and how to differentiate yourself from the majority of the workforce also looking for “anything.” Then, once you have been working for a few weeks, you find the job does not suit you and leave for one of the million other positions you applied for.

From a recruiting stand point, we can tell during the initial interview if you are truly interested or simply just “clicking” the apply button. How? Research. During the first interview, one of the initial questions will most likely be something along the lines of, “Why did you apply to our company?” or “What made you apply for this position?” This is the question that can make or break you. The candidates that pass to the next round of the interview process all have one thing in common: Research! If you want to make yourself stick out from the rest, do NOT answer the question by simply reinstating the job title or “I am applying to anything and everything.” Once I hear one of those statements, I immediately assume the person took the “clicker-happy” approach in their job search and they fall into the shadows of the ones who really want the position.

My advice to those who want to click “apply” on every job posting is to stop and take your time. Once you click the apply button, look up the company website, ask a few people who are currently employed with the company a few questions on how they are enjoying their job or where the company is headed and find how your skills and strengths will contribute to the company or the position. Just those simple few steps will set you apart from all who have come down with the “clicker-happy” flu and put you in front of the majority of job seekers.

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