Tuesday, January 29, 2013

MVP of the Job Scene

I don’t have to tell you that it’s a competitive job market- we all know that. So how do you make sure that you stick out amongst the rest? In an interview, one of the most awkward moments is when you get a glimpse of another person either coming in to interview next or walking out from the interview. This is your one “sneak peek” into the competition. So if you are that internal competitive person like myself, all these thoughts go through your mind about what they talked about, what does that person have they I don’t and the list goes on.
Well, I have a simple tip for all of you job seekers on how to place yourself in front of the competition. Its very simple- follow up! It’s as simple as sending a thank you email, letter or phone call saying how much you enjoyed the interview, learning about the company and how you feel you can help them achieve their goals. That’s it! You would think that most people would do this all the time, but as a recruiter, I can tell you that this is rare and adds a nice personal touch to your name.     

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