Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Turn your job into a career.

In today’s competitive job market many have found it challenging to find a job and nearly impossible to find a career. As a recruiter I have an opportunity to speak with people all over the country that are seeking employment opportunities. Some are currently employed but many are not. If you describe your current employment as a job it is probably safe to assume that you are looking for a better job. Following that logic, I would also presume that if you describe your employment as a career you are much more likely to be satisfied and not continue to search for just a job. So how do you turn your job into a career? The following are six simple guidelines* that you can use to turn your “job” into a “career.”

1. A willingness to embrace change -The work place is ever changing and you must be able to evolve and adapt with it.

2. Being easy to work with –This includes not only having great interpersonal skills but also willingness to help your colleagues, the ability to keep a positive attitude even in the most stressful times, give credit where credit is due, display a genuine care for others. You might even pose the question – What makes you a keeper?

3. The ability to tap both sides of your brain – The person that has a high technical aptitude and rational thinking is no longer heralded as the most important person in the organization. Today’s savvy business professional must be able to tap into both sides of their brain; the left side which typically deals with technical and rational thinking and the right side which deals with creativity, innovation, and intuition.

4. Cultural literacy – Let’s face it, our world has become increasingly small which means that you must become more internationally diverse. Expand your cultural awareness.

5. A quest for self improvement – When is the last time that you assessed your own skills – your strengths and your weaknesses? What are you doing today to improve on both?

6. Versatility – Have you heard the phrase, “I wear a lot of hats” before? Of course you have! No longer can we rely on being one dimensionally good at our profession. To extend your job into a career you must possess many skills to ensure you’re an extremely valuable to your employer and have solid career path for many years to come!


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