Monday, May 20, 2013

Why Sales?

When I first started with Mattress Firm, I just “knew” that it was just going to be a temporary jump start to my career. As a fashion merchandising major, I knew that I wanted to do something within the fashion industry. Only problem, I had no idea what! A sales position was definitely not on my radar.
Sales positions often times get a bad rap because:
·         You cannot learn anything while in this position
·         Only the elite salesmen make money and they are all commission based
·         There’s no career growth
 This is all false.

There is an incredible upside in the sales world. I have learned first-hand when I took my “temporary” sales gig. Many people think that when you accept a sales position you are going to be knocking on neighborhood doors selling vacuums or selling cars. However, many times you can be selling an idea or even yourself. When you learn to speak candidly to customers or associates, you are improving your communication skills, persuasion skills, and are learning to build rapport. When you are applying for a position, you are selling yourself and services that you can offer your future employer. Sales can essentially be used anywhere and will benefit you long-term professionally and personally.

While working for Mattress Firm, I was given the opportunity to learn and better my sales skills. I was able to improve myself and therefore grow my income potential. As a fresh-faced college graduate, the earning potential was incredibly enticing and attainable. While yes, commission is a major factor in this, maybe look for companies that offer a draw-based commission plan where you have a guaranteed salary and the potential for bonus and commission opportunity.
As for myself, it has been almost 3 years and I have had the chance to grow tremendously within this amazing company and have learned more than I ever thought possible. While learning to sell bedding products, I have also been taught how to manage an inventory, how to plan a schedule around 40 or more employees, and also how to train any incoming associates starting with the company. Mattress Firm has taught me how to better myself and given me the skill sets to use if I ever decide to further my career elsewhere. If you do decide to take a chance on a sales position, please remember that it can be very financially rewarding and that with many companies the opportunity for advancement is there. Sales positions can at often times open many doors for your future and advance your business acumen.

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