Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Power of Positive!

A few months ago, leaders from across Mattress Firm Nation joined together in one place for our annual National Leadership Conference in sunny Orlando, Florida. Among several special and inspiring guest speakers, Shawn Achor, author of “The Happiness Advantage,” spoke to our group of 400+ about the power of happiness and positivity in our personal and professional lives.

The advice that Shawn provides in his book has no boundaries and can apply to each and every aspect of one’s personal and professional life, including one of the most nerve-racking scenarios for a job seeker… the interview! While the following techniques are not directly from Mr. Achor, the idea of using elements of positivity before the interview will ensure your success when the spotlight is on you!

Read Something Personal and Positive
Have a family member or close friend write a short note of encouragement prior to the big day. While you’re waiting for the interview to begin, take it out and read it for the first time. What an amazing feeling it is to know that you have someone rooting for your success! A recommendation letter from a past supervisor or co-worker might also work well (and is also a great resource to provide during the interview)!

Prove Them Right
An interviewer has reviewed your resume and prescreened you before the initial interview. This means that they believe you have what it takes, on paper, to be successful in the position. An interview is your chance to prove them right. So why not do just that?

Visualize Success
Visualizing interview success is a great way to imagine the interview in a way that will generate a positive aura you can carry with you into the interview. Visualize preparing for the interview. When arriving, use your senses to determine the setup and hear the interviewer’s voice greeting you. You feel calm and confident as you introduce yourself and provide descriptive, intuitive answers to each question. You sense the close of the interview and imagine the interviewer welcoming you aboard the team!

While these are just a few ideas on implementing elements of positivity into your interview preparation, there are many others out there that will allow you to perform your very best on the big day!

Written by Haley Hoskins

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