Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Getting ahead without a four-year degree

Many people are surprised to find out that people without a college degree can earn a very comparable income (or in some cases a much higher income) than those individuals with a four-year degree. I have provided at list that Forbes published, containing 8 great paying jobs where you only need specific skills and/or vocational training.

Administrative/Executive Assistant:
Average Salary: $50,220
Average Salary: $53,030
Glazier (glass tradesperson):
Average Salary: $42,090
Industrial Machine Repairer:
Average Salary: $47,500
Paralegal/Legal Assistant:
Average Salary: $50,220
Average Salary: $52,950
Telecommunications Equipment Mechanic:
Average Salary: $41,530
Web Developer:
Average Salary: $66,100
Good Luck!
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