Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Why is no one calling me back?

You’ve spent your week applying for jobs and getting no responses. Believe me; I know the time invested looking for a new career opportunity. You’ve taken your time to fill out applications and assessments, but no job is biting. Why is no one calling you back? Don’t pull out your hair. Let’s just review a few things.
1.       Are you qualified for the position? Read the job description and qualifications again. I know sometimes you see that job that you don’t necessarily meet all the qualifications and you want to take that leap of faith. But the truth is recruiters are looking for people who meet the qualifications. All other applications are declined. Take the time to read the job description and make sure you meet the qualifications and the job meets your qualifications.
2.       Is your resume easy to follow? I have seen resumes that have small print and 5 pages. No one wants to read a 5 page resume. Keep it to one, maximum 2, pages. I’ve also seen where the resume isn’t in chronological order. My other pet peeve is resumes with no phone number. How do you expect a recruiter to know how to call you?
3.       Are you applying for several positions in one company? Employers can see if you applied for more than one job in their company. This is especially true now that applicant tracking systems are popular. This can be perceived as just wanting any job and not taking the job search seriously.
4.       Does your application and resume have some discrepancies? I know it’s hard to remember the dates of your past employments. Take your time to think about it and make sure that the days match on your application and resume.
5.       Is your email address unprofessional? I know this goes without saying, but I feel like I have to say something anyway. We have all had that really cool email address back in High School. I think my email had “cutie” in it. No recruiter wants to see emails like hollaatyagirl@nobody.com or Imsocute@nobody.com. It’s time to put childish things away. An email using your first and last name should suffice.
6.       Does your objective have anything to do with the job you are applying for? While I don’t think it’s necessary to even use an objective; It may depend on the job for which you are applying. Objectives are used to get a recruiters attention. If you are applying for a job, make sure that you tailor your objective to that job.
Now that we have reviewed a few things, let’s tailor those resumes and start looking for jobs that are a best fit.
Written by Daja Pope; daja.pope@mattressfirm.com

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