Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to Class!
In the coming days, college students across America will be heading back to campus, with sun-kissed faces, stories of summer road trips and a revived vigor for a new semester!
Just like each class you pass gets you one step closer to that degree, you should also be purposefully utilizing resources on campus that will get you one step closer to life after the degree… your career! Whether it’s your first semester or your last, I’ve provided three tips on what you can do now to ensure you receive an A+ in your job search!
Get involved!
I know that, for many, being a college student is a full-time job. Between studying, classes, study groups and a social life, finding time to do much of anything else is hard to do! However, getting involved in activities outside of the four walls of the classroom can do much for you in terms of a job search.
Getting involved in activities or volunteer opportunities has endless benefits, including:
·         The opportunity to work in a team environment,
·         The chance to utilize and/or develop certain skill sets,
·         Allows you to contribute in a leadership role, and
·         Expands your social network.
Plus, if you have limited work experience, being able to discuss similar situations that you encountered during your time in an activity is an excellent (and equally relatable) alternative in an interview!
Reach out to Career Services!
Imagine how nice it would be to have a staff of three working on your job search while you are sitting in class, listening to another riveting lecture on quantum physics and its historical impact on society given by a professor whose name you can hardly remember (if this is you, make sure to read my next tip!).
NEWS FLASH! At most schools, this staff exists! Check out your school’s Career Services office. Set up a meeting to chat with someone about your career goals, prospective employers, and the current courses you’re taking. Or look for workshops or career fairs that are hosted throughout the year to spice up your resume or expand your professional network. Utilize your Career Services team as much as possible – that’s their job!
Utilize faculty and advisors!
While the two of you may not be Facebook friends, the professor leading your Tuesday/Thursday Introduction to Management course may very well be one of your best friends come graduation time! Faculty members and club advisors are oftentimes a wonderful resource when seeking internship, part-time and full-time job opportunities!
Alumni of the institution and employers who have close relations with the school reach out to familiar faces when it comes to open opportunities. Make sure that you’ve met and shared with teachers and advisors your career goals… they usually have more than homework to give out to those who ask!



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