Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Be prepared for the preseason!

The most wonderful time of the year is amongst us – football season (even if it is just the preseason). The preseason offers players the opportunity to really shine and potentially earn a full time position in the regular season. Take for example the current battle for the backup quarterback for the Houston Texans – T.J. Yates vs. Case Keenum. Both have really brought their A -  game to the preseason and are letting the fans know that they’re putting up a fight for that coveted spot (although as a fellow University of Houston alum, my vote goes to Case Keenum! – I hope Bob McNair is reading this).
The interview process should be viewed in the same way, as the preseason – this is no time for fumbles or interceptions. This is your shot to be on the roster for your dream employer. One big mistake in the interviewing game is not utilizing proper body language.
Below I have included a list of body language mistakes that could cost you the job.
·         Invading personal space
·         Crossing your arms
·         Playing with your hair
·         Bad posture
·         Lack of eye contact
·         Looking disinterested
·         Not Smiling
·         Fidgeting
·         Hiding your hands
By avoiding these body language mistakes your future coach will know you’re a professional and committed to the team.
Good luck!
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  1. I have a problem with invading personal space. My friends often complain that I'm too close, or talk too loud, or need to back off. The trouble is that I never feel like I'm crossing the line. I have an interview and don't want to blow it, not to mention lose more friends. What are some ways I can practice and improve in this area?

  2. Hello Anonymous!

    The best thing that I can recommend is to practice in a "mock interview" type of setting. You can ask a friend to act as the employer. The parts that I would pay special attention to are the greeting and the beginning of the interview (So, tell me about yourself...) to gauge any untraditional mannerisms and to hear if you're actually too loud.

    Remember to greet your potential employer with a firm handshake and confident introduction.

    During the interview you can lean forward to show your engaged as long as you leave a couple of feet between you and the interviewer (this typically isn't an issue at the interview since there is a desk).

    And last but not least, let your potential employer know that your excited by your tone. This doesn't mean you have to be loud the entire time, you need to be focused on sounding genuinely excited to be there.

    I hope this helps.

    Good Luck!