Monday, November 11, 2013

Preparation for Phone Interviews
Are you on the career search and want to find ways to WOW the interviewer and raise your chances of sealing the deal on moving to the next step in the interview process?
Here are some helpful tips to help you during your next phone interview:
1)   Have a copy of your resume printed out in front of you – this can help you stay on track when telling the interviewer your past experiences. Make bullet points of specific points you would like to share with the interviewer. 
2)   Dress the Part – assume the role, go ahead and dress professionally just like you would for a formal face to face interview. Getting focused will help you be successful and confident in the interview!
3)    Find a Quiet Place – find a quiet room to interview in. Make sure it is quiet so you can hear the interviewer clearly and they can hear you. Pets should be put in another room or outside if it is a safe environment for them.
4)    Smile – a smile can be transferred through the phone, so make sure to take a deep breath and smile. Show enthusiasm for the position you are interviewing for!
5)   Research the company - Do research on the company before the phone interview. Write questions down and have them in front of you to ask the interviewer. This will WOW the interviewer showing that you are serious about your career search and have taken the time to research the company.
6)   Give Yourself Time for the interview - When you receive a first call from the interviewer they may ask if you are available right then to do the phone screen. If you are driving or have not done research on the company make sure to politely ask to schedule the interview for a different time. This will ensure you can get to your destination safely and that you will focus on the interview and provide better answers when not being focused on driving.  Another great tip to give you time for the interview is to do not try to squeeze an interview into your lunch break. Block off a minimum of 30 minutes for the phone interview.  The interviewer could call a few minutes late or the interview may run over. The good sign is when the interview goes longer it means you are doing great and you would not want to have to be cut off or cut the interviewer off!!
Conclusion: Follow these six steps!!!!

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