Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Don’t Let Summer Slow You Down!

For college students that have spent the past nine months cramming for tests, attending classes and maintaining an active social calendar, the summer may seem the perfect time to take a break from it all. However, the summer is actually the perfect time to contribute to your post-graduation plans in a variety of different ways, including the ideas below.
Get a summer job!
Obtaining a summer job is an excellent way to put some extra cash in your pocket, while adding credentials to your resume. To give you a place to start, Forbes.com lists the top five summer jobs for college students:
·         Freelance writer
·         Server
·         Internship*
·         Nanny
·         Entrepreneur*

While the ideas listed above are great places to start, I have asterisked two items in particular – Internship and Entrepreneur, as these are my favorites.
Obtaining an internship provides tremendous benefit to a college student:
·         Provides a temporary view into a certain industry, position and/or employer
·         Creates many avenues for networking
·         Allows for the opportunity to gain real-world work experience
·         Helps to solidify decisions regarding possible future careers, and
·         Opens the door to possible post-graduation employment opportunities.
In addition, putting your creative hat on and utilizing your entrepreneurial skills during the summer is also another extraordinary way to gain real-world experience. When pursuing an entrepreneurial venture, you’ll be integrated into most basic areas of business:
·         Marketing and sales
·         Financial management
·         Product/Service development
·         Customer service
·         Much, much more!
TIP: When I see on a resume that a student has pursued an entrepreneurial project, my interest level is greatly raised!

Shadow a professional!
If the time commitment that comes along with an internship doesn’t work with your summer schedule, take a day or two to shadow professionals in industries or professions that you are interested in. Shadowing allows you to see the responsibilities and duties of certain positions, and provides you an opportunity to make a more well-informed career decision in your future. How can you secure a shadowing opportunity? Talk with your professors, Career Services, family members and friends to let them know that you are interested in shadowing someone within a specific industry or position. Also, LinkedIn is a fantastic avenue to search for and network with specific individuals.

Visit Career Services!
The fall and spring semesters are typically considered the “busy season” to college students, as well as college employees. The summer is the perfect time to make a few appointments with a Career Services representative to spruce up your resume and work on those interviewing skills. Oftentimes, these representatives will be able to spend more time with you, or see you more often because of the decrease in student usage during these few months.
While you may be taking a break from your studies this summer, don’t lose steam on your career journey!

Need more ideas on how to utilize your summer to the fullest? Email me at haley.hoskins@mattressfirm.com!

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