Monday, June 16, 2014

Intern Spotlight - Rebecca L.

The Mattress Firm Intern Experience

My name is Rebecca L. and I've been sleeping happy this summer because I've landed the opportunity of a lifetime as a sales intern at the nation's largest mattress retailer--Mattress Firm! Throughout these past three weeks, I have learned more things than I ever thought possible—about the mattress industry, about myself, and about this incredible company.

Before my internship at Mattress Firm, I knew little about the mattress world. Now, I can effectively hold a conversation about coils, about the phase changing material in Tempur-Pedic beds, about the benefits of getting a great night’s sleep and even about the importance of bed protectors to keep those nasty dust mites and bed bugs from eating away at those skin cells!

I have been constantly encouraged by every manager, area manager, district manager, intern coordinator and trainer that I come into contact with. I have never, in my entire life, felt so warmed and welcomed by such a talented group of individuals who are more than eager to help shape you into the talented young salesperson you're meant to be! My confidence level has risen to great heights these past three weeks as I have asked countless questions, and failed, more than once, thus teaching me many lessons about the importance of getting no’s!

As a college student that is searching for a future career, I am pleased to say that Mattress Firm is one of those golden eggs in the Easter egg basket—a company that is truly unique in their service to guests, and unique in their impeccable treatment of employees. I, without a doubt, have found an incredible organization that not only values their guests, but values the well-being of their employees. Energetic, encouraging and full of character are words to help describe the Houston Northwest district team I have worked with. I am thankful to have met each and every one of these talented individuals.

I have made an excellent decision in choosing to join the Summer 2014 Mattress Firm Intern team, and I recommend to any college student that is looking to grow both professionally and personally to take the chance and intern at this company. You will, without a doubt, learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible.