Friday, July 22, 2011

Are you married to your job?
After recently getting engaged and planning a wedding I naturally have been thinking a lot about the concept of marriage and what it entails. I have been thinking about the significance of the ring, the vows, the wedding ceremony and why people choose to get married? With the divorce rate of 1st year marriages being at 50%, what is it that half of the married couples do that make the marriage work and what are some doing, or not doing to make the marriage fail?

You might ask “what does all this marriage talk have to do with my job?” Am I just being a “brideszilla” and letting this significant event control my every thought, or do these same questions apply to your career? Why is it that some people have a healthy and happy relationship with their co-workers, can find success with their career. While others dread going to work and cringe at the thought of hanging out with their co-workers for more than the required amount of time? And why is the unemployment rate, much like the divorce rate is at record highs?

Now I know your job isn’t what you’re technically “married” to, but should employees look at an offer letter more like a wedding ring- a symbol of trust between the company and the employee. A vow that you are going to commit to the company and the company is going to commit to you? Should companies and employees be thinking of the on-boarding process as the “wedding day/ honeymoon period” where both parties are excited about the future, wanting to look their best for each other, and celebrate the joining of two people… or company and new employee?

A marriage takes two people to make it work. The same applies in your professional career. Before accepting a job, or hiring a new employee, make sure you are certain this is something you can commit to. I don’t expect everyone to take one job and be there for the rest of their professional career, but only work somewhere you will be happy, only hire people you would want to work with everyday! After all you are with your co-workers more than your family. Work with people you can trust, would you marry someone you didn’t trust?

So as I might be stressing about the minimal details of planning a wedding (flowers, cake, linens) and you might be stressing about the minimal details of the job search (title, office building, name of company, what paper to print your resume on), remember to cherish and look for the things that will not fade and really matter. I know that I am marrying a man of character that I trust and love to be around. So when looking at your career look for the values of the company, the people you will be working with, and ultimately your overall happiness. Best wishes to you and your “marriage”!

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