Thursday, July 7, 2011

Can you provide me an example of a time …

Whether you are sitting on your couch having a phone interview or sitting across a desk from your potential new boss you need to make sure you are able to answer the questions they are fielding you effectively to make a good impression to continue in the interview process.

The STAR technique is a must to know when you are preparing for an interview!

S – Situations: Detail the background of your answer; provide a context – where and when.

T – Task: Describe the challenge and expectations, what needed to be done and why.

A – Action: Elaborate your specific action, what did you do and how, maybe what tools you used to accomplish the goal

R – Results: Explain the results and accomplishments, recognition given – quantify, give them a number they can relate to.

Time and time have I heard candidate provide very surfaced answers that basically do not answer the question, so my advice to you job seekers is to find specific examples that you can use during an interview and apply the STAR technique. Once you do, I’m sure you will find your STAR job!

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