Monday, August 22, 2011

Are you ready for some football?

The lockout is over and with pre-season games starting, football season is here! Fortunately for all those die-hard fans out there, football is back. What is it about this pigskin-slinging, body-crushing game that gets people so excited, or obsessed? Well… I don’t have the answer to that question, but we can learn a few things from this game in regard to our professional development. Like football, in order to become a “pro”fessional in your career it takes hard work, passion, self discipline and a lot of teamwork to be successful.

Hard Work. What are you doing to take your career to the next level? Professional athletes spend hours training to be the best. How long have you spent practicing your trade? When you feel tired or weak, do you simply give up or do you push through to get the job done right?

Passion. Passion is a powerful thing! Professional athletes have a passion for the game in which they play. They have a passion for doing whatever it takes to win. Think about the pre-game huddle, the chanting and the banging of helmets on the locker doors! Can you confidently say you have passion in your life? What are you passionate about? Bring that passion and enthusiasm to your career and see how it changes your game!

Self- Discipline. What have you done lately to challenge yourself professionally? Do you need someone to tell you when to start your job, when to quit, when you’re doing something right or when you’re doing something wrong? Becoming a pro football player requires self-discipline. How are you driving yourself? Do you set goals without someone making them for you and, if so, what are YOU doing to make sure you achieve them?

Teamwork. We all know the saying “Teamwork makes the Dream work,” but do we all really believe this? Are you a true team player or are you in it for yourself? When was the last time you took time to help out a co-worker, or took a “hit” for someone on your team? The football players that are really respected by their peers seem to be those that aren’t just great at the game, but those that they trust and know are team players. It takes a great offense, a great defense, a great special teams and great coaching to win football games. The same is true in your profession as well.

So as you’re gearing up for football season, picking your fantasy football team; make your career goals a reality! Instead of just cheering on your favorite team this year, learn from them. Push yourself to be the best, be passionate, set goals for yourself while following through on them and trust in your teammates. Do these things and you too will be headed toward the end zone scoring that touchdown… The question is… do you have your victory dance prepared?

Down, Set, Hut… good luck to you this football season!

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