Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Day

The sound of the school bus driving around the corner. The smell of freshly sharpened pencils. The look of your new outfit. Do these memories bring you back to some of your first days at school? You’ve had a chance to have fun with friends at water parks, sleep in and play video games galore but now it’s all over. Do you remember the anticipation of walking through the doors to your school and how you hardly slept at all the night prior?

Now, compare this feeling to the first day at your new job – a place you are hoping to start your career. A place you are hoping to learn and grow from, feel a sense of belonging and meet new people. And just as you would build your reputation and transcript in school, you get the same opportunity to do this at your new job. So make sure you are always putting your best foot forward and take advantage of new projects and assignments handed your way. Going above and beyond with your co-workers and boss will surely lead to promotions within your own company which will allow you to grow professionally.

So, don’t forget how important that first day of school was and make a point to make every day that important with your new company.

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