Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Is Your Dream Job Seeming More Like a Nightmare

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Have you ever felt like your career wasn’t satisfying? You studied so hard in school, and you felt sure you made the right decision. Or, you’ve been in your career for years, but you feel like there could be something better.

I had a very outgoing and people-oriented friend that wanted to pursue his career in accounting. After 5 years in school, he found that first job in his field. But something was missing. He enjoyed working one on one with people. Cubicle life wasn’t for him. He felt like he wasted so many years in school and even in his career.

There isn’t a definite way to avoid going into the wrong career. However, there are preventative ways such as online career aptitude tests. My co-worker, Haley Hoskins, worked in the Counseling and Careers services at Stephen F Austin State University. They used TypeFocus and Strong Interests as their aptitude test. There are also free online tests like Visit sixwise.com or livecareer.com.

Whether you are in college trying to figure out your future, or have been working for many years, it’s not too late. Taking a career aptitude test could be a good way to get you that much closer to finding your dream job and keeping your dreams from being a nightmare.