Friday, June 15, 2012

Social Media – Is it hurting your job search?

Social media seems to be the cure all remedy these days. Searching for your soul mate – use social media. Looking to strike it big with that new hit song you just recorded – use social media. Trying to get cast in that new hit reality show – use social media. Looking to obtain a new career opportunity – you guessed it… social media.

So is social media all it’s cracked up to be?

In many cases it can be an extremely useful tool but when it comes to job searches you may not want to rely so heavily on it. There is something powerful about a face to face interaction that can never be achieved through social media. The chance to look someone in the eye and shake their hand often creates a lasting impression and a stronger bond than an informal introduction through, say, LinkedIn.

With the vastness of the Internet and increasing popularity in social media I sometimes ponder the long term affects that technology will have on communication and ultimately human behavior. We see it every day, the young couple out on a nice dinner date that are both glued to their cell phones. The girl at Starbucks that is without fail always there, laptop glowing in her face and you wonder - does she live here? But before I get too high on my soap box let me clarify my point.

I’m not proposing that you boycott the internet or cancel all of your social media accounts by any means. I’m simply reminding you not to forget about the power that face to face interactions can have. If you find yourself in a rut in your job search, I would recommend to turn off that computer and get out of the house. Network the old fashion way by meeting up with friends or colleagues where you can make real human connections. At the end of the day, the world is still full of people who make decisions… not computers.

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