Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer is heating up!

 When I think of “summer” several things come to mind; driving with the windows down, pool time, baseball games and the list can go on forever. For some of us, summertime means one thing…internship.

Here at Mattress Firm, we just kicked off our 2013 Summer Internship and things are about to heat up! I visited Atlanta this week for our Intern Welcome Day and was overjoyed with our selection of interns this year. I began to think back to my collegiate career and wonder why I never participated in an internship…man, I wish I would have! 
So here are a few tips for those of you who it might not be too late to partake in an internship:

I – Internview
That’s right; I combined interview and intern together to stress the importance of the actual interview for an internship. Make sure you come well prepared with several questions!

N – Navigate
Be prepared to navigate your way through a summer of firsts! This may be your first time in a professional environment, your first sale or your first time to meet deadlines. Be flexible and don’t stress if you are put out of your comfort zone.

T – Teachable
We speak of this term often at Mattress Firm. Show your potential employer that you are teachable and ready to learn! 

E - Experience
This is what an internship is all about…gaining real world experience! So look for an internship that you truly have an interest in for a potential full time career.

R - Roles/Responsibilities
During an internship, it’s important to make yourself stand out! Ask for additional roles and responsibilities so you can learn as much as possible!
N – Natural
It’s important during an internship to be your natural self. This will help determine if you truly are a fit for the company. 

Most importantly, summer is all about having fun and that’s exactly what an internship should be…FUN!
Summer is heating up and if you are looking for a possible internship, reach out to

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