Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Why Culture is so Important!

Just this past week I had the opportunity to see a sneak peak of “The Internship” starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn.  While the movie is full of laughs and snarkiness, the one thing that stood out to me like a beacon is how Google runs as a company. I’m sure that a lot of the movie was slightly fabricated, but we have all heard the great stories about working for Google and therefore it is a hot commodity for graduating students.
Google is a large campus that offers cafes, restaurants, coffee bars- all free, as well as Broadway themed conference rooms and areas that are made to replicate subways carts. Google understands that they want to create an environment that works for their employees. They want to make work somewhere that is fun and lets their employees feel like it isn’t just work.

However, they do this for a reason- they expect AMAZING results in return.
When you are on the search for a new career, take into consideration the culture that the company provides. Are you going to enjoy going to work every day? Do they make the environment conducive to accomplishing goals? No one likes going to work where you are stressed out and hate waking up every morning. Working for a company like Mattress Firm has shown me what to look for in a company. We may not have slides taking us from the second floor to the first (we only have one floor) or multi colored bikes to ride around on, but we do have a great company that cares. We have fun market wide sales meetings, national conferences with live bands, vendor sponsored events, and contests that determine the fate of whether or not your District Manager gets a pie in the face or shaves their head. Our top producers can win trips to Hawaii, we have a league kickball team, and in his spare time, our CEO does The Dougie.
Make sure to find a company that offers great benefits. Are there any special perks provided? Your company doesn’t have to offer you a short term gain like a new car or a $50,000 bonus to make you happy.  Find a company that aligns with your goals and expectations.  Make sure that the company you choose to work for is a company that makes it worth it to get out of bed every morning. 
Clearly Google must be doing something right.
To win the opportunity to shave my head (just kidding!) send any questions to erica.siri@mattressfirm.com

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