Thursday, December 19, 2013

Lost in Translation
As a recruiter there is one thing that always gets under my skin, when applicants down play their past skills! I realize that you may have left your last job because you didn't like the ethics, or the pay, or the movie Horrible Bosses hit a little too close to home. I get it. But that doesn't mean that your last job was a total loss to your development! I think that all too often people get caught up in the search for a new job that they overlook the research that goes into being successful in THAT job that they are applying for! 
When you get that call from that company that you applied to last week trying to set up an interview, take a minute to do just two simple things to put you in the right place to win.
Research them MORE: I know you did your research but do MORE! Your research topic has changed. You have shifted from Is this right for me? to How can I stand out? Look for things that match your skills, making you a unique candidate. What do you do well? What can you do that no one else can?
Think outside the BOX: You are a unique person with a skill set that no one has! Analyze every position you have held, match it with their skills and highlight that in the interview. Think outside the box. Altering the lens at which you see your past job is paramount to thinking critically about switch careers.
There wasn't a class you have taken, a club you joined or task you have completed that you haven't learned something from and made you who you are today! For that interview make sure your skills aren’t lost in translation.

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