Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Your Turn to Interview

If you think interviewing for a job is a one way street, think again! This is a common misperception when in reality; you should ask follow up questions. Asking questions not only shows a higher level of interest, it also allows you to decide if the company fits your needs. When asking questions, the type of question is really important. Be sure to ask thoughtful, good questions. The biggest turn off for a recruiter is having no questions or only asking about compensation.  Need some help?  Check out a few suggested questions below by Monster Staff Writer, Thad Peterson:

1.       Can you tell me about the culture here?
·         Company culture can be a bit difficult to get a handle on until you walk through the door and experience it yourself. The interview is a great time to ask questions that reveal the company’s personality.

2.       Would you mind telling me about how your career got to this point?
·         This question is good on two levels: It gives you a chance to learn a bit about potential coworkers or potential bosses, and it's also a nice ego rub for the interviewer. “People love to talk about themselves, so if you can get the interviewer talking about himself, you're one step up,” explains Cooke.

3.       Can you tell me about your management style?
·         If you're interviewing with the person who may be your boss, it's important to understand how he'll manage you and the people around you.
The interviewer's answer to this question should reveal a few things. It will give you a sense of some of the challenges you'll face if you end up joining the team, as well as tell you how your potential coworkers handle sticky questions. It may also provide some insight about how forthright they are.

4.       What’s your biggest source of job satisfaction?
·         This question can help you understand both what makes your potential workmates tick and what they think the company's strengths are.

No matter how much research you do on a company, few can give you greater insight into the company than the recruiter.  So, don’t forget to interview the interviewer!

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