Monday, July 28, 2014

Intern Spotlight-Nicholas J.

This summer has been absolutely amazing and I have learned so much.  I have never had any formal sales training, so to have the opportunity to get that training from an industry leader has been a true blessing.  I have gone from not knowing what to say to guests in the beginning to feeling confident that I can sell beds.  I feel like I know what it takes to be a manager, and how to always have your store looking right.  I have learned that the little details that people tend to overlook are important.  I have also learned that selling is not necessarily product knowledge, but being able to build a relationship.  It is important to learn the guest and in the end make sure that their needs are your priority and completely met.  I have learned the importance of knowing your competition and also how you never know what they are going to say about you. 

Choosing an internship or a job is a big decision, so I have a few pieces of advice to those looking in sales.  First, I would advise them to choose a company who will provide you with the tools necessary to succeed.  Some companies will just throw you in with the sharks, while others will give you world-class training.  This is definitely important when choosing a company.  Another piece of advice I would give is to always look for the growth potential within a company.  I think Mattress Firm truly has unlimited growth potential and that is an important characteristic in my opinion. 

My internship has been a major learning experience and I am very excited to be able to apply my knowledge!


  1. Great blog post Nicholas! We're glad you spent your summer with us!

  2. Awesome job! Hopefully you have learned a lot of great information to make you successful in all of your endeavors.

    Thank you for choosing Mattress Firm. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to work with such a bright success story soon to come!! #ATL NORTHWEST

  4. I can't find anywhere to message the LinkedIn page or whatever, but my college did a blog spot on me and why I love Mattress Firm :) Thought I'd share it; feel free to re-share if you want

  5. Great Blog Nic! Way to represent Atlanta Northbest!