Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Invaluable Question of "Why?"

In the process of preparing for an interview there are many key steps to complete: proofread resume, professional business attire and punctuality to name a few. However, often times while speaking with candidates when asked the pertinent and seemingly simplistic question of “What made you decide you want to work for us?” Or, “Why did you choose to apply?” Often the response is generic, unfounded, or none at all.

When applying for a position it is important to see it as the first step in building a relationship with a potential employer. In general when we formulate a relationship it should not be approached in a haphazard, random way. There should be a foundation of facts behind the decision connecting the employer with the candidate. In order to preserve time and to always put your best foot forward, consider the following questions:

·         What do I like about this company?
·         What is their history?
·         What are the benefits of working here?
·         What skills do I have that match the qualifications for the position I’m applying for?
·         Can I see myself having a career with this company?
·         Does this company offer me opportunity to grow?

In the interview process the company that you’re applying for wants to be a great match for you as you do for them. When a candidate researches the company they are applying for and gives thought as to why they want to be there, this is where progress is made right from the start. Whether an in-person interview or over the phone, knowledge truly is power. 

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