Thursday, October 1, 2015

Color my World

I’m a new homeowner with decorating on my mind. I have grown a complete obsession with HGTV. I watch several of the shows, have a subscription to the magazine and found one thing in common…everyone’s overall goal is to decorate their home with things that make them happy. One challenge someone might face is picking a paint color as there is what seems to be over a billion colors to choose from.

The same can go for your work space. It should be a reflection of things that inspire, motivate and make you happy. I really enjoyed the article below from The Muse that discusses how colors in the office can have a direct relation to workers mood and productivity. Below is a brief breakdown of color ideas for your office space:

Blue – stable and calming color that helps workers focus on the task at hand
Green – good color for people who work long hours
Yellow – optimistic color and can help stimulate activity
Red – increase the heart rate, blood flow and also invokes emotion and passion

Keep these in mind for your new work space or if you’re simply looking to refresh.  Happy decorating!

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